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a brief introdction:
Shijiazhuang Kerui Electric Co., Ltd. produces a variety of electrical safety equipment such as insulated ladders , 110KV ground wires , high voltage ground wires, high voltage testers, and safety tool cabinets, which are mainly used in power distribution rooms, substations, and power plants.
detail intruduction:


Introduction to the components of the ground wire :


The above picture is the composition diagram of the grounding wire. The grounding rod, soft copper wire, and grounding clamp are introduced step by step below.

A. Ground rod:

1 )户内接地棒(母排接地棒) ( 1 ) Indoor ground rod (busbar ground rod)


Product Name: Indoor Ground Rod, Hand-held Ground Rod, Flat Spiral Ground Rod

Introduction to ground rod:

     These two types of grounding rods are also called busbar grounding rods. They are generally used indoors and are made of FRP epoxy resin. 米、 1 米、 1.5 米、 2 米等,也可以根据可以的要求来定做;颜色一般有红色和黄色。 The length is generally 0.5 meters, 1 meter, 1.5 meters, 2 meters, etc., and can also be customized according to the requirements; the colors are generally red and yellow. Conventional spiral grounding rod with trimming mouth.

2 )户外接地棒 ( 2 ) Outdoor ground rod


Product name: Round mouth spiral ground rod, double reed bayonet ground rod


Generally, these two types of ground rods are used outdoors, and the material is glass fiber reinforced plastic epoxy resin. The length can be customized according to customer requirements.

B. Copper wires:

16 方, 25 方, 35 方, 50 方, 70 ~~~120 方等 According to the thickness of copper wire, there are 16 squares, 25 squares, 35 squares, 50 squares, 70 squares ~~~ 120 squares, etc.


In the above figure, there are single-phase type (separated phase type), combined phase type and series type.

一下一般是用合相式比较多一点,一般是 3 相合流成一股,配一根尾线,称为三相合相式;也有低压配成四相合相式的。 In the conventional configuration, at 110KV, the combined phase is generally used a little more. Generally, the three phases are combined into one strand, and a tail wire is used.

以上电压等级的由于相距比较大,所以配成单相式的比较多一点。 Generally, the voltage level above 220KV is relatively large, so it is more suitable for single-phase. Generally there are three ground rods, three ground wires, and three ground clips; there is no intersection in the middle.

C. Ground terminal:


product description:

Generally, the grounding terminal has a single-eye grounding clamp, a double-eye grounding clamp, a copper grounding clamp, a ground nail, and a five-proof lock.

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