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Shijiazhuang Kerui Electric Co., Ltd. produces various electrical safety tools such as insulation ladders , discharge rods, high-voltage grounding wires , high-voltage testers, and safety tool cabinets. It is mainly used in power distribution rooms, substations, power plants and other places.
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高压放电棒 ,高压放电棒等。 Discharge rods are also called: telescopic high - voltage discharge rods , high - voltage discharge rods , and so on. High-voltage discharge rods are processed using new insulation materials. It has the characteristics of stretching and shrinking. 放电棒 便于在室外各项高电压试验中使用,特别在做 直流耐压试验 后,对试品上积累的电荷,进行对地放电,确保人身安全。 The portable telescopic high-voltage discharge rod is convenient to be used in various outdoor high-voltage tests. Especially after the DC withstand voltage test , the accumulated charge on the test sample is discharged to ground to ensure personal safety. 放电棒 便于携带,方便、灵活,具有体积小、重量轻、安全。 The telescopic high-voltage discharge rod is easy to carry, convenient, flexible, small in size, light in weight, and safe.

The main technical parameters

放电棒 收缩尺寸:长 220mm 1. Shrink size of discharge rod : 220mm long

放电棒 收缩节数: 5节。 2. Number of contraction sections of the discharge rod : 5 sections.

放电 电压范围: 5kV~70kV。 3. Discharge voltage range: 5kV ~ 70kV.


放电棒 伸缩部分全部拉出。 1. Pull out the telescopic part of the portable telescopic high-pressure discharge rod .

接地线 插头插入 放电棒 的头端部位的插孔内,将 地线 的另一端与大地连接,接地要可靠。 2. Insert the prepared ground wire plug into the jack at the head end of the discharge rod , and connect the other end of the ground wire to the ground. The grounding must be reliable.

直流发生器 控制箱 的升压旋钮回到零位上,此时可观察 直流高压发生器 控制箱上的 电压表 的电压下降到 15kV~20kV左右,方可放电。 3. The discharge should be done after the test, that is , the boost knob of the control box of the DC generator returns to the zero position. At this time, you can observe that the voltage of the voltmeter on the control box of the DC high-voltage generator drops to about 15kV-20kV. Before discharging.

放电棒 的前端的金属尖头,慢慢的去靠近已断开试验电源的试品。 4. When discharging, first use the metal tip on the front end of the discharge rod , and slowly approach the test object with the test power disconnected. 放电棒 释放电能是经过一放电电阻进行对地放电。 At this time, the discharge rod releases electric energy to discharge to ground through a discharge resistor. 放电棒 上接地线上的钩子去钩住试品,进行第二次直接对地放电。 Then use the hook on the ground wire on the discharge rod to hook the test object for the second direct discharge to ground.


1. When discharging a large-capacitance sample, you must wait for a period of time after the test is completed and disconnect the test power to allow the charge on the sample to self-discharge to ground through the voltage doubler and the sample itself. 控制箱 上的 电压表 电压数在逐步下降跌落,当电压表电压下降到较低的电压,一般在 5kV~15kV左右,方可用 放电棒 去逐步移向试品附近。 At this time, it can be observed that the number of voltmeter voltage on the control box is gradually falling. When the voltmeter voltage drops to a lower voltage, generally around 5kV ~ 15kV, the discharge rod can be used to gradually move to the vicinity of the sample. 放电棒 尖端去碰试品,然后后将试品直接接地放电。 First, the air is discharged through the gap. At this time, a hissing sound can be heard. When there is no sound, touch the test object with the tip of the discharge rod , and then directly discharge the test object to ground.

积累电荷 的大小与试品电容的大小和施加电压的高低与时间的长短成正比。 2. The accumulated charge of the large-capacitance sample is proportional to the size of the sample capacitor and the applied voltage, which is proportional to the length of time.

3. After the test of high-voltage cables over several kilometers, the discharge time is generally long, and repeated discharges are required. 放电棒 The resistance capacity is very large, you need to order a large capacity discharge rod .

放电棒 对试品进行放电。 4. It is strictly forbidden to discharge the test product with the discharge rod without pulling the test power .

放电棒 ,严禁折弯、折断 放电棒 5. It is forbidden to squeeze the discharge rod with feet or heavy objects , and it is strictly forbidden to bend or break the discharge rod .

放电棒 受潮,影响 绝缘强度 ,应放在干燥的地方。 6. It is strictly prohibited to expose the discharge rod to moisture, which will affect the insulation strength and should be placed in a dry place.

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