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  • Product Name: 35KV Insulating Rubber Pad

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  • Product manufacturer: Cree
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a brief introdction:
Shijiazhuang Kerui Electric Co., Ltd. produces various electrical safety tools such as insulated ladders , high-voltage grounding wires , high-voltage testers, and safety tool cabinets. It is mainly used in power distribution rooms, substations, and power plants.
detail intruduction:


product name:

Insulating blanket, insulating pad, insulating rubber pad, insulating rubber sheet , insulating rubber sheet , insulating rubber sheet, etc.

product material:

Generally made of native rubber, the surface is smooth and free of impurities

Product color:

Black, red, green, yellow can also be done.

Product Usage:

“在此工作” Rubber mats are used to lay the ground of power distribution facilities such as power distribution rooms, power distribution rooms, and other auxiliary insulation. They are also used to temporarily use mobile rubber insulation pads . They are usually printed or inscribed "Work here"


Made of environmentally friendly materials, the surface is smooth, no bubble cracks, no bumps, no odor, and no pungent odor.

Product Category:

Flat, non-slip, flame-retardant, oil-resistant, anti-static, printed or lettering rubber pad.

Product Size:

1 米宽,也有特殊宽度 0.6 米、 0.8 米、 1.2 米等(可拼接或裁切的) Width: Normally 1 meter wide, there are special widths of 0.6 meters, 0.8 meters, 1.2 meters, etc. (can be spliced or cut)

3mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 20mm Product thickness; conventional thickness: 3mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 20mm

5KV 3mm 10KV 5mm 15KV 6mm 20KV 8mm 25KV 8mm 30KV 10mm 35KV 12mm Corresponding thickness of voltage level: 5KV 3mm ; 10KV 5mm , 15KV 6mm ; 20KV 8mm , 25KV 8mm ; 30KV 10mm ; 35KV 12mm

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