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a brief introdction:
Insulating rubber pads are also called insulating rubber pads, insulating rubber pads, insulating blankets, and insulating rubber sheets . Rubber sheet with large volume resistivity and resistance to electrical breakdown. Made of non-polar rubber with excellent insulation properties such as NR, SBR and IIR. Insulation rubber board is used for countertops or floor insulation materials in working places such as power distribution.
detail intruduction:

1. Product name :: Insulating blanket, insulating pad, insulating rubber pad, insulating rubber sheet , insulating rubber sheet, insulating rubber, etc.

2. Product material: Generally made of native rubber, the surface is smooth and free of impurities

、产品颜色:黑色、红色、绿色,黄色也可以做。 3 , product color: black, red, green, yellow can also be done.

绝缘胶垫 ,一般是印字或刻字“在此工作” 4. Product use: Rubber pads are used to lay the ground of power distribution facilities such as power distribution rooms, power distribution rooms and other auxiliary insulation. They are also used for temporary use of mobile rubber pads . They are usually printed or inscribed. "

5. Product features: Made of environmentally friendly materials, the surface is smooth, no bubbles and cracks, no bumps, no peculiar smell, no pungent smell.

、产品种类:平面、防滑、阻燃、耐油、防静电、印字或刻字胶垫。 6 , product types: flat, non-slip, flame-retardant, oil-resistant, anti-static, printing or lettering rubber pad.

7, product size: width: conventional is 1 meter wide, there are special widths of 0.6 meters, 0.8 meters, 1.2 meters, etc. (can be spliced or cut)

8. Product thickness; conventional thickness: 3mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 20mm

Thickness corresponding to voltage level: 5KV≥3mm; 10KV≥5mm, 15KV≥6mm; 20KV≥8mm, 25KV≥8mm; 30KV≥10mm; 35KV≥12mm

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验电器 接地线 Our company mainly produces electroscopes , ground wires , 绝缘胶板 个人防护用品 标示牌 绝缘梯 安全工具柜 等产品 Products such as safety fences , insulating rubber sheets , personal protective equipment , nameplates , insulated ladders , safety tool cabinets, etc.

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