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a brief introdction:
The ground wire produced by our company is an indispensable safety tool for electrical work. It is easy to carry and can be flexibly used in the field. It is also called a portable short-circuit ground wire. Hanging the ground wire is a safety barrier to protect the maintenance personnel, which can prevent the human body from being injured by sudden incoming call. In actual work, because the ground wire is used frequently and the operation seems simple, it is easy to cause paralysis. Its importance is often overlooked. Incorrect use often occurs, which reduces or even loses the safety protection of the ground wire. The role must be taken seriously.
detail intruduction:

接地线 的称呼不同, 高压接地线 、短路 接地线 便携式短路接地线、临时接地线、低压接地线、三相短路接地线、刹车式接地线、猴头接地线、等等都是指的本厂生产的接地线产品,请大家放心选购。 Important reminder: due to regional factors, users in different places call the ground wire differently, high voltage ground wire , short circuit ground wire , portable short circuit ground wire, temporary ground wire, low voltage ground wire, three phase short circuit ground wire, brake ground wire, monkey The head ground wire, etc. refers to the ground wire products produced by our factory, please rest assured to buy.

First, the role of the ground wire

Temporary grounding device mainly used to prevent sudden incoming calls from equipment and lines, eliminate induced voltage, and discharge residual charge.

Composition of ground wire

It is mainly composed of a ground rod, a soft copper wire, and a ground clip (ground pin). The configuration of the ground wire is affected by various aspects such as voltage level, use environment, and customer usage habits. Customers can communicate with technical staff at any time when they have uncertain questions when purchasing grounding wire products.

Insulation rod material: It is made of high-grade glass fiber reinforced plastic epoxy resin and processed with warning color outside. The regular color is yellow. 10KV 、黄色 35KV 、红色 110KV 、蓝色 220KV 白色 500KV Can also be produced according to customer's needs according to different voltage levels: green 10KV , yellow 35KV , red 110KV , blue 220KV white 500KV .  

Product name: Low-voltage ground wire

Product name: Aluminum Double Reed Bayonet Grounding Wire

Product model: JDX-WS type

Applicable environment: 380V power transmission line and transmission line.

Fourth, the use of ground wires and precautions

1 )首先根据接地棒的电压等级选择配套的接地软铜线,务必确定配置无误; ( 1 ) First, select the matching soft ground copper wire according to the voltage level of the ground rod, and make sure that the configuration is correct;

2 )然后检查接地棒及接地软铜线的外观有无破损,如无开始组装接地线; ( 2 ) Then check the appearance of the ground rod and the ground soft copper wire for damage, if not start to assemble the ground wire;

3 )首先拆掉接地棒上的螺丝,将接地软铜线上的接线端子(一般是红黄绿三色)与接电夹用螺丝连接牢固并确保拧紧,三根接地棒按照同样的方式安装,安装好后连接接地端,接地线一般分合相式和分相式两种,合相式连接 1 个接地端,分相式需要三根接地软铜线都连接接地端。 ( 3 ) First remove the screws on the ground rod, and connect the terminals (usually red, yellow, green, and three colors) on the grounded soft copper wire to the power clamp with screws and ensure that they are tightened. Install the three ground rods in the same way. After the installation, connect the ground terminal. The ground wire is generally divided into two types: phase-combined and phase-separated. The phase-combined connection is connected to one ground. Form a complete set of ground wires.

4 )短路接地线使用时:要先连接接地端,连接牢固后再挂接接电端(接地棒);拆除接地线时,必须按程序先拆接电端(接地棒),后拆接地端。 ( 4 ) When using a short-circuit ground wire: connect the ground terminal first, and then connect the electric terminal (ground rod) after the connection is secure; when removing the ground wire, you must first disconnect the electric terminal (ground rod) according to the procedure, and then disconnect the ground end.

5 )具体操作步骤: ( 5 ) Specific operation steps:

A. Installation of grounding wire: Perform the work ticket approval procedures.

Before boarding:

1) Dress code: Wear work clothes, insulated shoes, work gloves, and hard hats;

2) Check whether the personal tools are qualified;

3) Check the line name, pole number, and whether the line is out of power;

4) Check whether the rod body and root are firm and there are no cracks;

0.6m ,或者接地夹夹持牢固接地端,再将接地线接地端与接地棒可靠连结。 Grounding of the ground wire: Drive the grounding nail into the soil to a depth of not less than 0.6m , or the grounding clamp clamps the solid grounding end, and then reliably connect the grounding end of the grounding wire to the grounding rod.

B. Post pole power check: Post pole to proper position and fasten seat belt. Check the electroscope first, make sure it is intact, and then check the line phase by phase.

C. Hang the ground wire on the pole: After the line is clear that there is no voltage on the ground, the operator immediately hangs the ground wire at the power inspection place. After all three phases of the line were grounded, the operator evacuated the tower.

D. Remove the ground wire:

Check the line name and pole number carefully.

Check and confirm that all personnel on the pole have lowered the pole, no foreign matter remains on the pole, and the line status meets the power transmission conditions.

The operator mounts the pole to the proper position and fastens the seat belt.

Remove the ground wire from the line and fasten the lower pole with a lanyard.

After removing all the ground wires of the pole, the pole operator evacuated the pole tower.

Remove the ground end of the ground wire, pull out the ground rod, and clean up the work site.

Precautions: electric shock, unreliable grounding, non-electrical grounding or use of unqualified electroscopes will cause dangerous accidents. The ground wire is guaranteed for one year under normal use.

6 )、维护与保管: ( 6 ) Maintenance and storage:

Before each use, you should carefully check whether the ground wire is intact. The soft plastic copper wire should be free of bareness, broken ends, and loose nuts. Otherwise it must not be used. The product should be kept tidy and clean, and should not be thrown anywhere. Pay attention to cleaning and sanitation work to prevent mud and dirt from entering the pores of the product, which will affect the normal use of the ground wire. And appearance inspection and judgment should generally be scrapped.

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