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a brief introdction:
Insulated ladder product classification: insulated single ladder, insulated combined ladder, insulated combined ladder, insulated lift, insulated single lift, insulated lift combined ladder, insulated lifting herringbone ladder, insulated joint ladder, insulated lifting platform, insulated high and low stools, insulated High stool
detail intruduction:

Product introduction:

The fishing rod ladder is a tool made of lightweight epoxy resin. It is suitable for emergency repairs in the city, substation maintenance and meter reading.

Product Features:

. 轻便耐用 . 本产品每米重 2.75 公斤 . 大大低于原来黄色方管生产的每米重 4 公斤 . 解决了原产品笨重、携带不便的弊端 . 本产品每米可承受 200 公斤的冲击力;伸长可至 2 .2.5 米, 3 米, 3.5 .3.8 米。 Can be placed in ordinary cars . Lightweight and durable . This product weighs 2.75 kg per meter . It is significantly lower than the original weight of 4 kg per meter produced by the yellow square tube . It solves the disadvantages of bulky and inconvenient carrying of the original product . This product can withstand 200 meters per meter . Impact force in kilograms; elongation can reach 2 m. 2.5 m, 3 m, 3.5 m. 3.8 m. 60-70 厘米。 Can be shortened to 60-70 cm. :JTQX-2m .JTQX-2.5m.JTQX-3m.JTQX-3.5m JTQX-3.8m Product model : JTQX-2m. JTQX-2.5m. JTQX-3m. JTQX-3.5m , JTQX-3.8m
Third, description

WARNING: Failure to follow instructions can lead to serious consequences

GB17620-1998 标准。 1. This ladder complies with GB17620-1998 standard.

220KV 2. Voltage level: 220KV . Note: If wet or lowered. Therefore, if you use a live environment for this question, please note:

a. During transportation and storage, take appropriate protection to prevent moisture or damage and reduce insulation performance.

b. Always keep the exterior of the ladder neat and clean.

GB17620-1998 标准进行电气性能检测。 c. Electrical performance test shall be conducted according to GB17620-1998 standard one year after the production date .

150kg 3. Allowable working load: 150kg

Fourth, instructions for use

before use

1. Before using the ladder every time, you must carefully check the ladder surface, parts, ropes, etc. for cracks, severe wear and damage that affect safety.

2. When using a ladder, choose a hard, flat ground to prevent the danger of sideways.

3. Check that all ladder feet are in good contact with the ground to prevent slipping.

5 米,请务必在梯子中上部设立 F8 以上拉线。 4. If the use height of the ladder is more than 5 meters, please be sure to set a pull wire above F8 in the middle and upper part of the ladder .

5, dizziness, dizziness, alcohol or physical discomfort are strictly prohibited to use the ladder.

6. When working around doors and windows, the doors and windows must be fixed first, so as not to open or close the doors or windows and hit the ladder.

7. Use the ladder with extreme caution or try not to use it under strong wind conditions.

8. Use the proper height of the ladder correctly. Never attach or place anything on the ladder to increase the height.

9. The ladder shall never be attached to other structures without the manufacturer's permission. Never use or repair the damaged ladder.

10. When the ladder is lifting, it is strictly forbidden to hold the cross brace to avoid cutting your fingers.

when using it

11. It is absolutely forbidden to exceed the workload of the ladder.

2. The ladder feet have a non-slip effect. However, there is still a need for someone to directly support the ladder to awaken and protect it (while placing the ladder sideways), and step on the feet of the ladder with your feet to prevent the feet from moving.

3. Flat shoes must be worn when climbing the ladder to prevent accidents from slipping.

4. When climbing a ladder or working, always keep your body in the middle of the cross braces of the ladder. Keep your body upright and not extend outside. Otherwise, you may have an accident because you lose balance.

5. When there is someone on the ladder, it is forbidden to move.

6. Only one person is allowed to climb the ladder or on the ladder.

After use

When the work is complete, wipe the ladder clean and store it in a dry place.

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