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Shijiazhuang Carey Electric Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang Kerui Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the manufacturers in China's power safety industry and appliances industry. The company has been engaged in the development, production and sales of power safety industry and appliances, and has accumulated rich experience over the years.   科技兴企 为发展方针,引进高科技人才,结合多年的实践经验,在新领域不断探索,特设新产品开发部,以市场为向导,与国内外众多科研机构及公司广大客户保持紧密联系,不断研制开发新产品,改进完善老产品。 The company adopts the development policy of Science and Technology Promoting Enterprises , introduces high-tech talents, combines years of practical experience, and constantly explores new areas. It sets up a new product development department, uses the market as a guide, and cooperates with many domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and company customers. Keep close ties, constantly research and develop new products, improve and perfect old products. ( 绝缘 ) 工器具、防护用具、安检实验仪器等新型产品。 Introduced new products such as safety ( insulation ) tools, protective appliances, and security testing instruments that are closely related to the safe production of electricity . Our company also acts as an agent for advanced domestic and foreign electric power fittings, aerial work vehicles and live working tools. ( 绝缘 ) 工器具、防护用具、安检实验仪器等几大部门为一体的现代化企业。 It has gradually developed into a modern enterprise that integrates several major departments such as electric power fittings, safety ( insulation ) industrial appliances, protective appliances, and security testing instruments. Relying on advanced and reliable products, it enjoys a certain reputation in power system and large power equipment manufacturing enterprises.   The strength of the company, sound quality assurance system. The experimental center has domestic advanced tensile test equipment and complete performance testing equipment. ISO9001 2000 质量体系,拥有国家质量检验检疫总局和工业产品生产许可证办公室颁发的四大类金具生产许可证,各类产品分别通过国家电力金具测试中心、北京电科院、武汉高压研究所等权威部门检测。 The company has passed and adhered to the ISO9001 : 2000 quality system, and has four major types of metal fittings production licenses issued by the General Administration of Quality Inspection and Quarantine and the Industrial Product Production License Office. Testing by authoritative departments such as Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute. 四严制度 ,即: 严格制度、严格管理、严格检测、严把产品质量关 ,组成严格的检测小组,严把产品质量关,制定执行严格的生产计划和质量保证措施,确保出厂产品件件合格。 The company established a quality inspection agency in strict accordance with national quality standards and formulated a " four strict system " , that is, " strict system, strict management, strict testing, and strict control of product quality. " , Develop and implement strict production plans and quality assurance measures to ensure qualified products. And the above-mentioned after-sales service as a guarantee, so that every customer to buy with confidence, with peace of mind. 技术先进,质量可靠,服务周到,性价比高 等特点使我公司产品深受广大用户的青睐与厚爱。 " Advanced technology, reliable quality, courteous service, high cost performance " and other characteristics make our company products favored and loved by the majority of users. The company's products have been widely used in electric power, railway, civil aviation, ports, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, municipal and tertiary institutions and other large enterprises and public utilities. We warmly welcome new and old customers to come to discuss cooperation and work together for the prosperity and development of the power industry.

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