• Insulated lever with special head, insulated lever with flat head.
  • This de-icing tool is a series of de-icer products independently researched and developed by our factory. The operation lever of the de-icing tool is made of FRP insulation material, the joints are screwed together and the de-icing head is made of steel. This set of de-icing tools are equipped with two standard lengths of 4 sections and 4 sections of 6 meters. The set of de-icing tools includes 6 de-icing operation heads: 1. de-icing paddle 2. de-icing shovel 3. de-icing axe 4. de-icing axe 5. universal head. There are also various de-icing tool heads, please specify when ordering. The factory has professional R & D personnel. If you have special requirements and needs for products, please call us.
  • Insulation high branch shear product test Insulation high branch shear product test
  • Shijiazhuang Kerui Electric Co., Ltd. produces electrical safety tools such as altimeters, various insulation ladders, high-voltage grounding wires, high-voltage testers, and safety tool cabinets. It is mainly used in power distribution rooms, substations, and power plants.
  • Another name for altimeter: Altimeter is also called insulation altimeter, high voltage altimeter, light altimeter, telescopic altimeter, etc. Classification of altimeter: Altimeter is divided into 8m height rod, 10m height rod, 12m height rod, 15m height rod.
  • Power cleaning brush

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