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The composition and product characteristics of the mouse blocking board

Date: 2019-12-30 13:42
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The mouse shield is composed of the main board surface of the mouse shield and the card slot. The visible part of the appearance is customized by aluminum alloy. The card slots on both sides can be fixed to the door frame in parallel with the door frame by rivets. If necessary, the mouse board can be inserted along the inner diameter of the card slot. In the card slot, remove the mouse stopper when not in use, which will not affect the normal opening and closing of the door.

产品特点: Product features:

1. It is made of special aluminum alloy material, and the surface of the mouse block board is anti-corrosive.

2. Installed on the door frame, convenient and quick construction, easy to dismantle, and convenient for transportation equipment such as power plants and machine rooms.

3. Reflective strips are affixed on the upper part to make it easy to distinguish at night and prevent people from being tripped.

4. The normal size is 50cm, the standard thickness is 25MM, and the width can be made according to customer requirements.

5. Can be widely used in power plants, substations, grain depots, gas stations, chemical plants and other units, the mouse blocking board has a very good protection against rodents.

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