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Notes on the use of insulated ladders

Date: 2019-12-30 13:38
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Note on the use of insulated ladders :

(1) Before use: Before using the ladder every time, you must carefully check the ladder surface, parts, ropes, etc. for cracks, severe wear and damage that affect safety. When using the ladder, choose a hard, flat ground to prevent sideways Danger of distortion; if the ladder uses a height of more than 5 meters, be sure to set a pull wire above F8 in the upper and middle parts of the ladder; check that all the feet of the ladder are in good contact with the ground to prevent slipping; Attach other structures, never use and repair the damaged ladder; when lifting the ladder, it is strictly forbidden to hold the cross brace to avoid cutting your fingers.

(2) During use: It is absolutely forbidden to exceed the working load of the ladder; the ladder feet have a non-slip effect. However, it is still necessary to have someone directly support the ladder to protect it (while placing the side of the ladder sideways) and step on the bottom of the ladder with your feet to prevent the feet from moving; always keep your body on the ladder when climbing or working In the middle of the cricket's cross brace, keep your body upright and don't stretch out, otherwise you may have an accident due to loss of balance.

Under the premise of ensuring safety, high-quality insulated ladders have better quality and lighter weight. Because it is necessary to use higher-performance raw and auxiliary materials, more advanced production processes, and more scientific structural design to reduce product weight on the premise of ensuring safety. Lighter insulated ladders are more convenient to use.

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