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Uses and classification of insulating rubber sheet

Date: 2019-12-30 13:42
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Insulating rubber sheet has good physical and mechanical properties, and has excellent insulation properties. It can work in dry -35 ~ + 100 ℃ air with high dielectric constant requirements. It is suitable for the laying of workbenches and grounds in electronic places, and the laying and installation of power stations and substations. It should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, away from heat sources, and more than 20cm away from the ground and walls. Avoid being contaminated by acids, alkalis and oils. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Classification of insulating rubber board:

(1) Divided by color: red, black, green, gray

(2) Divided by voltage level: 5KV, 10KV, 15KV, 20KV, 25KV, 30KV, 35KV

(3) According to thickness: 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

(4) According to the name, it can be divided into: insulation rubber board, insulation rubber pad , insulation board, insulation blanket, insulation rubber board, electrical insulation rubber board

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