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What are the performance characteristics of FRP ladder

Date: 2019-12-30 14:30
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Performance characteristics of FRP ladder:
1. Corrosion resistance and no rust: FRP ladder has excellent corrosion resistance, can withstand the corrosion of various gas, liquid media such as acid, alkali, organic solvent and salt, and will never rust. According to the actual use occasion Media type and temperature requirements, there are orthobenzene type, m-benzene type, vinyl type, etc. to choose from.
2. Lightweight and high strength: The pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic profile has a very high glass fiber content (above 60%), which makes its unidirectional specific strength and specific stiffness quite prominent. The density of glass fiber reinforced plastic is only about one-fourth that of steel. The weight Lightweight and very easy to carry, reducing handling costs.
3. Anti-fatigue: FRP ladder has high anti-fatigue strength, allowing repeated bending without long-term deformation.
4. Bright colors: The color of the glass fiber reinforced plastic ladder is added naturally in the production process of the profile without painting. It has a good visual effect and a certain alert effect.
5. Anti-aging: FRP ladders are made of top-grade pultruded FRP profiles, and the service life of the products can reach more than 20 years, and all pultruded FRP profiles are added with anti-ultraviolet agents in the formula to obtain the best anti-ultraviolet effect.
6. Easy maintenance: The pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic ladder is made by mixing pigment into resin. The color of the product can be arbitrarily adjusted according to customer requirements, it is not easy to fade, does not need paint maintenance and has self-cleaning effect.
7, excellent electromagnetic performance: glass fiber reinforced plastic ladder has excellent electrical insulation, no electromagnetic and electric sparks, can be used in areas with conductive danger, sensitive to magnetic equipment, and flammable and explosive places.
9. Good economic benefits: The production process of FRP ladders is controlled automatically and the product quality is stable; there is no corner waste during the production process, and the utilization rate of raw materials is high; the production efficiency is high and the labor cost is low; the length of the product can be arbitrarily cut according to needs, and the cutting waste is small No maintenance required for long-term use.

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