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Features of Insulated Ladder

Date: 2019-12-30 13:42
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Features of Insulated Ladder
(1) Non-conductive, novel appearance, elegant appearance
(2) Corrosion resistance (with acid, alkali, organic solvent and salt and many other gas and liquid medium corrosion properties. According to the requirements of actual use occasions, you can economically choose to use o-benzene, m-benzene, vinyl type Resin is used as the base material), anti-aging and anti-fading.
(3) The insulation ladder is light in weight and easy to carry
(4) Low water absorption and good flame retardancy (common flame retardant grille flame propagation rate (ASTM E-84) does not exceed 25; flame retardant vinyl grille flame propagation rate does not exceed 10. Oxygen index is not Less than 28 (GB 8924)).
(5) High-strength and light-weight insulation ladder (the density of FRP grid is not more than 2, only 1/4 of steel, and 2/3 of aluminum. Its strength is 10 times that of rigid polyvinyl chloride, and its absolute strength exceeds aluminum. Material and ordinary steel), excellent impact resistance, insulation and magnetic permeability.

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